Working with the team at Street UK Services has been a pure pleasure. They have an impeccable understanding and awareness of both our business model and the technology that shapes and drives our business. They have been standing firmly by us during a crucial period, providing first-class services and delivering more than we ever expected on a very competitive cost basis.

I highly recommend Street UK Services to anyone that wants to leverage on a highly professional organisation that unostentatiously adds that little extra.


We have worked with Street UK for almost five years and they have shown continued commitment to ensuring we have the back office support needed to enable us to deliver and maintain our Start-Up Loan function, which helps the UK’s start-up community grow and thrive.

Their dedicated team ensures our recipients have all the tools and support needed to manage their loan commitments, offering a very positive customer experience.

Start Up Loans

Salford City Council has worked with Street UK Homes for almost five years and as a Finance Partner they provide advice, support and administer financial products on our behalf. Products offered are designed to enable our clients to access to financial advice & products to help people remain independent in their home.

The team at Street UK Homes guarantee our homeowners have the necessary advice and funds to repair their homes and repay their loans.

Salford City Council

Working with Street UK Services and using the support they provide is enabling us to change the lives of refugees in the UK. Through the Equal Access Loan programme, Street UK Services is ensuring refugees in the UK can return to doing the jobs they know and love.

The dedicated team at Street UK Services work effortlessly to ensure recipients have all the tools and support needed to manage their loan commitments, we simply couldn't do it without them.