About Us


Street (UK) Foundation was launched in 2000 and is run as a Charity. The charity’s mission is to support financially excluded individuals with a range of tailored financial services on a sustainable basis. Since our launch we have worked to develop solutions for socially minded financial institutions to tackle financial inclusion and help those individuals and businesses that are underserved by mainstream banks.


Our vision is that everyone in the society can access affordable financial services.

To fulfill this vision, we need to build a significant and self-sustaining organisation that can provide access to fairly priced, affordable credit for those on lower incomes to tackle financial exclusion.

Secondly, we need to support the growth of other voluntary sector and mutual organisations providing affordable credit in the belief that the growth of this sector is a vital component in addressing the terrible abuse of predatory credit.


Our mission is to create unprecedented value by supporting financially excluded individuals with a range of tailored financial services on a sustainable basis.


Ethical To ensure our products, services and policies are fair.

Innovate To design our products and services around the needs of our customers.

Excellence To continual improve our standards, add value and go beyond expectations.

Integrity To be trustworthy and accountable for our actions and ensure we treat our customers fairly.

Transparency To communicate information in a simple and clear manner

The Street UK Group

Street (UK) C.I.C has been providing access to affordable credit for nearly twenty years. Our range of products is designed to serve our customers with fair and affordable alternatives to high-cost commercial lenders operating in the sub-prime market.

Street (UK) Services Limited was launched in 2003 to support the alternative finance sector and with back-office loan administration services together with a loan portfolio system developed in-house.

Street (UK) Services currently provides business support services to over 40 alternative financial institutions in the (UK).

Street (UK) Homes Limited was launched in 2007 following the passing of the Regulatory Reform Acts which enabled Local Authorities to make loans available for low-income homeowners who were unable to access mainstream credit sources, to fund the repair of their properties.

Street (UK) Homes Limited currently provides loan and mortgage services for a number of Local Authorities across England & Wales.