Street UK

Street UK is an ethical lender. Its products and services are designed according to the needs of its customers, to ensure it offers a better alternative than doorstep/online lenders, pawnbrokers and expensive high street money-shops.

At Street UK, we offer low-costs short-term personal loans with no hidden fees.

Our loans are designed to be affordable with manageable repayments over a term. We will take into consideration the information you provide in your application in addition to information obtained from Credit Reference Agencies to only lend you an amount you can comfortably afford to repay.

As a Community Interest Company, our charges only cover the cost of providing the service to you, that’s why we are considerably cheaper than most online lenders.

As an ethical lender, we are transparent in our pricing and responsible in our lending. Whether you are an in-branch customer struggling to obtain finance from expensive money shops or an online customer looking for the best APR representative, our aim is to offer the best personal loan to fit your needs and your pocket!

We will only consider providing you with credit if we believe you can afford it. If we can’t provide you with credit, we will explain why and offer you helpful advice and support.

If your application is successful, a decision is made instantly and you get the money into your account in less than 24 hours*.

*except on weekends and Bank Holidays


I was going through a difficult time. I had just lost my mother and was very broke. I couldn't even afford to go to work. A colleague referred me to Street UK. They were really helpful, and within an hour I had been approved for a loan.