Street UK Homes works in partnership with Local Authorities and Housing Associations to assist in delivering local Private Sector Housing Services. This helps to improve both the supply of suitable housing to meet local needs.

The loan servicing and fund management services we provide to Local Authorities and Housing Associations are specifically designed for homeowners who are unable to obtain finance from mainstream institutions like Banks & Building Societies.

The services we provide include:

We provide loan and fund management services to a number of local authorities and consortiums to manage secured 1st and 2nd charge mortgages. This service includes adherence to regulatory guidelines to ensure compliance with KYC, AML, providing a face-to-face application services and liaising with 3rd parties including prior charge holders, solicitors and HM Land Registry for securitisation.

We have provide a number of standard products which have been designed in conjunction with Local Authorities to suit the customers financial circumstances, products currently available (but not limited to) are:

Equity Participation Loan

Capital & Interest Repayment Loan

Interest Only Loan

Interest Roll-up Loan

All loan packages offered by Street UK Homes are based on individual circumstances and only accessible to homeowners through schemes established by Local Authorities and consortiums.


Work with over 40 local authorities


Provided more than £22m in affordable home finance

*Correct as of 30 June 2019